About Us

Food is the soul of every party, every gathering and every event. When good food is missing any festivity will fall flat. We at Bombay Lee are aware of the gravitas a deliciously cooked meal holds. We know to make merry and be part of revelry cuisine that brings water to the mouth is vital. Therefore, we bring to you a Bombay Restaurant known for its classic Indian Cuisine. With us you get yummy and finger licking dishes, savouries and sweet dishes that you just can’t get enough of.
Indian Cuisine is a corpus that is incredibly vast. From Mughlai food to South Indian Dishes to Rajasthani thalis, the menus at a restaurant can be daunting for the first timer. At Bombay Lee, we make the choice easy for you. Every dish that we serve is laden with rich gravy tossed with meat or vegetable stews that melt in the mouth. Our menu is a virtual smorgasbord for the food lover. From Dal Makhani to Chicken Tikka to Kebabs, we have it all for your pleasure.
Every ingredient we use in our kitchen is specially sourced to ensure that the taste of our dishes is impeccable. Our vegetables are home-grown and our meat always fresh. The spices we use come straight from the source to add just the right amount of flavour to the food we make. We urge you to indulge in the decadence that is Indian cuisine at your convenience. Be a part of Bombay Lee, be a part of good food and healthy soul