About Bombay Lee

Welcome to the wonderful world of lip-smacking Indian food at Bombay Lee.   With only the very best ingredients chosen to go into these traditional Indian recipes, Bombay Lee will have you rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the food. The mouth-watering aroma that wafts in from of the doors of Bombay Lee will definitely have your stomach growling in pleasure.

Indian cuisine is loved and enjoyed all over the world. Bombay Lee takes pleasure in serving these traditional dishes made from fresh farm ingredients with no added preservatives straight at your table. We at Bombay Lee follow the farm-to-the-table methodology to ensure that none of the freshness of the ingredients is lost en-route to your table.

Give your palate a wonderful experience with the tasteful delights at Bombay Lee created by the talented Chefs. The inventive menu at Bombay Lee has been hailed by master food critics to be exemplary, offering the very best of Indian cuisine.  The flavours and traditions come alive in the kitchens at Bombay Lee under the watchful eyes of out master chefs.

Vegan Menu

Bombay Lee is proud to present a special vegan menu for our customers who prefer to dine on vegetarian Indian cuisine. The spices added to the freshest vegetables available gives each dish an extra punch that you will not find anywhere else.  Many of our customers keep coming back once they have had a taste of desi khana that is the quintessential need of every red-blooded Indian.

Lunch Menu

Bombay Lee offers a mix of South Indian dishes as well as North Indian dishes to cater to every taste requirement. The huge South Indian thali is one of our most popular dishes with its elegant sambar that is accompanied by various vegetables, each tastier than the previous one. Let’s not forget the special brinjal tadka that will have you drooling as you lay your eyes on it. Once you have a taste of our special spread, you will definitely come back for more!

Dinner Menu

Looking for a place to introduce your friends to some traditional Indian food? Bombay Lee is the answer! We have created a dinner menu that has plenty of dishes from different parts of India. Each dish has its own unique aroma, made with top-notch quality spices that promise to bring your taste buds alive. The dinner menu is an elegant affair that will help you savour the richness of the Indian cuisine with its elegant side dishes.


As soon as you step into Bombay Lee, you will be overcome by a symphony of aroma that will help all the right notes. The host will whisk you away to a table and entice you with what the evening entails for you. The décor of the restaurant has been created with its Indian heritage in mind. The wall paintings are reminiscent of the Mughal period, with special emphasis given to the wall and light fixtures. You will be transported into a gone by era as you walk into Bombay Lee.

The staff at Bombay Lee has been well trained by the chefs to give you a small introduction to each dish. This way, you can be a bit more explorative and try out different dishes each time. Your taste buds will never be disappointed. The best part of your menus are the prices. The dishes are reasonably priced and will not leave a hole in your pocket after you are done dining! We believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction and strive hard to achieve that. So walk into our restaurant and savour the different delights that await you.